Decoding the language of wine

David Ellis helps us translate some of the common terms used to describe wine. What are the wine writers really saying?

LUSCIOUS: is used to describe a wine that is full bodied with a rich texture, and usually applies to sweeter, after-dinner wines.

a wine with noticeable acidity and citrus notes.

WHEN a winemaker speaks of their wine having suggestions of being ‘biscuity,’ they’re referring to it having flavours and aromas that remind you of yeast or bread dough.

is used to describe a wine that is excessively sweet through a lack of acidity to give it balance.

CIGAR BOX: refers to the tobacco-like aromas in a wine that derive from its storage in oak.

CLEAN: is an expression used to mean that a wine is not showing any obvious faults to it, or any out-of-place flavours or aromas.

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