Monday 19 September 2011


TASTES good, looks good and
immediately drinkable.

David Ellis

WINEMAKER Scott Comyns at the Hunter Valley's Tempus Two has created an interesting 2011 Sauvignon Blanc under the company's Copper Series label, a wine that's true-blue Aussie yet has suggestions of French Fumé Blanc about it.

And by bottling the wine under an eye-catching copper label, he's done what company founder Lisa McGuigan has always sought to achieve: that is to create a wine that tastes good, looks good and is immediately drinkable.

Scott used fruit from the Adelaide Hills for this wine, fermenting it in 100% French oak barrels to give it that almost-French twist that he believes will appeal to the changing palate of Australian wine drinkers. "The Copper Series is about traditional European varietals and blends," he says. "This 2011 Sauvignon Blanc is hugely exciting with its Australian and French twists."

A LIGHT red to serve out of
the fridge on a warm day.
With tropical fruit aromas of lychees and gooseberries and a smooth palate that's got a touch of creaminess to it, this is a nice drop to enjoy with a Caesar Salad, or try it with white fish pan fried in lemon butter. Pay $19.99.

ONE FOR LUNCH: ANOTHER Hunter Valley boutique maker, Ballabourneen has released a 2011 Gamay Noir that's one of those lighter-bodied reds we agree with its maker shows every good reason for serving out of the fridge now that warmer days are heading our way.

Made from fruit from one of Australia's few plantings of Gamay, this almost-Beaujolais style wine has beautifully fine dark-berry flavours and a touch of cherry sweetness. Pay $25, and as maker Daniel Binet suggests, chill it down a bit in the fridge, and enjoy with cold herb-crusted chicken and a sun-dried tomato salad, or if you prefer with something hot, salmon steaks with a sweet chilli sauce.


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