Wednesday 15 July 2009



david ellis

THERE are some vintages that can be rated as no better than just another vintage, there are others that can be rated as better than other vintages, and there are vintages that can simply be rated as greater than other vintages.

And then there are vintages – few of them, mind you – that are so great, their wines almost jump out of the bottle and whack you in the face in their hurry to let you know that they are even greater than great.

2005 in the Barossa Valley was one of these latter, and for Barossa Valley Estate's Winemaker, Stuart Bourne it provided fruit to transfuse into a wine that aficionados will be talking about and ruminating over for years to come.

The 2005 in the Barossa Valley was, in the simplest of terms, one of the best on record, and Stuart captured the very best of every aspect of the fruit for his BVE 2005 E&E Black Pepper Shiraz, giving those looking for the best of the best, a special wine for very special occasions.

Its one that begins with a bouquet that erupts from the glass with cedar, leather, plum and blueberry aromas, and ends on the palate with unforgettable upfront chocolate, ripe fruit and minty flavours.

Wines like these don't come around often, and when they do they don't come around cheaply: this one will cost you about $90, so share it with family or friends over a really good rare roast beef and simple but tasty pumpkin mash.

ONE FOR LUNCH: THE Adelaide Hills have long been considered home to some of Australia's best Sauvignon Blancs, but other varieties being grown there, including Rieslings, are also giving other regions a run for their money.

One Adelaide Hills Riesling worth seeking out is Tomich Wines' 2008, a nicely balanced drop with lime, tropical fruit and almond-bread flavours; at just $16,  great value with a hearty seafood chowder or an onion and pickled-ginger tart.


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