Monday 18 January 2010


GETTING the right Balance
of alcohol, fruit and flavour.
david ellis

A mate who ended 2009 somewhat forlornly after being told by his doctor to reduce by a third his propensity for a bottle of red or white with dinner every night, has now begun the new year with surprising enthusiasm.

Its because he's found that rather than having to have a couple of "dry" nights each week, or to cork the bottom third of his nightly choice, he can still actually enjoy his full bottle – while remaining within his doctor's orders. Well, as he says, more or less.

And it's the result of McWilliams working in conjunction with Weight Watchers to come up with a red and a white under a new label called Balance, whose wines are 1/3rd lighter in both alcohol and kilojoules than most regular drops.

Yet at only 8.5 per cent alcohol McWilliams' Balance Shiraz and Balance Semillon Sauvignon Blanc are still both remarkably full-flavoured, food-friendly wines that've not lost anything in enjoyment from their lower alcohol content.

And for those who seriously watch their weight, each has a Weight Watchers' Points value of 1, which means devotees can enjoy a glass of either of the Balance wines with a meal, knowing it equates to just one standard drink.

CLARE classic from Tim Adams
for that next bbq.
Each is priced at $16.99 – and so fruit-forward and flavoursome are they, you'll find yourself wondering how-so when they're so "light?"

ONE FOR LUNCH: BACK in the 1970s a young apprentice winemaker, Tim Adams learned the art of making a great Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec blend from the late Mick Knappstein at Stanley Leasingham. It's a skill he's never forgotten, and now his own Tim Adams label Cabernet is as much a Clare Valley classic as was Mick's Bin 56; Tim's 2005 Cabernet is a full-bodied, slightly spicy blend of 86 per cent Cabernet Sauvignon and 14 per cent Malbec to savour at $28.50 with a good char-grilled steak.



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