Saturday 13 March 2010

Allan Scott brings family wines to Sydney

Wellington Tourism brought to Sydney as their special guest, acclaimed winemaker, Allan Scott, who provided his 09 Sauvignon Blanc for lunch with 100 media guests at delightful Etch Restaurant.

Five score travel writers and PR reps all talking at once certainly tested the acoustics, but the din dropped when the stunning seafood plates were served.

Allan describes the wine as a "fresh and invigorating aromatic mix of tropical passionfruit aromas with a hint of varietal herbaceous notes adding to the complexity of the nose. The palate is crisp and lively with a flavoursome arrat of tropical passionfruit and pineapple underpinned with zesty citrus acid giving this wine great mouthfeel and a well balanced refreshing finish."

Translation: "delightful". Cellar door price: NZ$17.50

Report: Roderick Eime/

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