Monday 16 August 2010

Enter early or miss out on the Sydney International Wine Competition

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Winemakers wishing to enter the 2011 Sydney International Wine Competition are reminded to submit their wines early or risk missing out on a chance to claim an award at one of the most consumer friendly wine competitions in the world.

Entries for the 30th Sydney International Wine Competition (SIWC) close on September 17. In past years, late entrants have had their wines rejected because the 2000 cap on entries was reached prior to the deadline. The cap was introduced in 2005 to ensure the international Panel of Judges has adequate time to properly assess the wines in each of the three phases of the Competition’s judging process.

SIWC founder Warren Mason says the SIWC is one of the most consumer friendly wine shows in the world.

“Being selected as one of this Competition’s TOP 1OO® wines or other award winners really means something to wine lovers,” he says.

“Not only does it signify a quality wine, but because our finalists are judged alongside food, when consumers select any of our award winners, they know they have a wine that will be enjoyably drinkable immediately and a great complement to dishes of similar palate weight.

“Of course, we wouldn’t recommend a Fuller Bodied Dry Red Table wine be offered as an apéritif, just because it displays an SIWC bottle medallion,” he says.

Again, there is an all-star judging panel in place for the Competition’s 30th Birthday awards. It includes six Masters of Wine and seven international judges who are carefully chosen to represent not only Australian winelovers palates but also the palate preferences of three of Australia’s main export markets - the UK, Asia and New Zealand.

Mr Mason says the calibre of our Judges gives winelovers added confidence in selecting wines from the TOP 1OO® list.

“The comments of the international Judges, published on the Competition’s website, also offer winemakers a gauge as to the potential acceptance of their wines in those markets.”

The Judges will gather in late October 2010 to judge the 2,000 entries, which will be split, during the judging process, into palate weight classes and re-judged alongside similarly weighted food dishes. The resulting TOP 1OO®, Blue-Gold and Highly Commended wines provide consumers with a benchmark for planning their dining table wines for the following year.

Trophy and Award winners will be announced at a gala Dégustation Banquet on 26 February 2011, where Guest of Honour and Keynote Speaker James Halliday AM, will introduce the 2011 TOP 1OO® wines.

With more than three million SIWC bottle medallions attached to the current 2010 Award winners alone, SIWC awards are probably the most visible awards in bottle shops around Australia and New Zealand

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