Saturday 9 February 2013

Sydney International Wine Competition leads sommeliers on pathway to judging

The Sydney International Wine Competition is offering a professional Sommelier the unique opportunity to become Reserve Judge in Residence for the 2014 competition and successfully build a bridge into the world of wine-show judging.
The successful sommelier will join the international panel of judges in the SIWC's purpose-designed judging facility in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, from 13-18 October 2013 and be accommodated with them in their luxury resort, joining them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days, all at competition's expense.
He or she will have the opportunity to assess entries alongside panel members, joining their deliberations and experiencing all phases of the judging process.
"We believe that a more knowledgeable approach to the use of wine as a major component of the dining experience is an important next step for the wine industry to tackle," said Warren Mason, the Sydney International Wine Competition's convener.
"It will lead to more discerning choices of wine by the consumer, leading to better quality selections and a move away from cheap bulk wine and supermarket specials.
"I believe the Competition already helps significantly in this area by channelling the combined expertise of a vastly experienced international judging panel through a unique system of judging wines in conjunction with appropriate food dishes and publishing its results to a worldwide audience via its popular website.
"Sommeliers with an understanding of and experience in the judging process should have a voice in such a panel, but there are very few with the necessary judging experience to qualify. We are well equipped to play a role in redressing that situation."
Certified Sommeliers and above, or those with significant professional experience, who are interested in applying for the position of Reserve Judge in Residence should contact Warren Mason on +61 (0) 2 4757 4400 or

Sydney International Wine Competition 2013
The Sydney International Wine Competition 2013 is nearing the end of its annual judging cycle, with the announcement of winners to be held on 23 February during a presentation banquet in the Grand Ballroom of Sydney's Shangri-La Hotel.
Keynote speaker will be James Gosper, General Manager (Market Development) for Wine Australia. The topic of his speech will be: "Shifting the Promotion of Australian wine into a Lifestyle Space".
The public can book tickets to the banquet - or exhibitions of the 2013 Blue-Gold/TOP 100 Award Winners, to be held at The Menzies Hotel, Sydney, on 23 March. Visit
For further information on the Sydney International Wine Competition, please contact Warren Mason on 02 4757 4400 or email

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