Monday 6 May 2013



GREAT sparkling that ignites
a fascinating past.

David Ellis

IT'S not often a wine company will 'fess up that they've let their eye off the ball, but Yellowglen has done just that – and is doing something very positive about it.

"While our commercial tiers have been responsible for the incredible growth of Yellowglen over the past decade," says Managing Director, Michelle Terry, "there is one element of our story that has been overlooked in recent years: that is our place as Australia's premier house of sparkling.

"So over the past year we've reviewed every element of Yellowglen. We've re-engaged with founder Ian Home to uncover the depth and heritage of the brand, we've reviewed our branding and packaging, and we have introduced new wines… including the recent release of the Exceptional Vintage XV wines one of our greatest achievements to date."

There's a 2002, a 2004 and a 2012 in this new range, the 2002 a drop that shows the extraordinary quality Australia can achieve with our sparklings – as Michelle Terry says "this is the ultimate showcase of Yellowglen's hallmark refined and delicate characters, enriched with layered complexity."

EXCELLENT choice with crumbed veal
cutlets and a seasonal garden salad.
Made with fruit from the Adelaide Hills' Piccadilly Valley, it was given nine years on yeast lees in bottle in the company's cold cellars; you'll find it intense yet elegant, with floral notes leading to a rich and complex palate, and with a delicate bead and fresh, lingering finish. Pay $49.99 for that next very special celebration.

ONE TO NOTE: ALTHOUGH it was taken over by Ferngrove Wines in 2008, Margaret River maker Killerby has continued to concentrate on "small winery" techniques and philosophies that it's gained an enviable reputation for since its founding in 1973.

And that reputation flows through with the release of their Killerby 2010 Premium Series Chardonnay, a rewarding drop with limey citrus, stonefruit, ginger and zesty lemon flavours, and a long and pleasant finish. A nice drop at $30 to enjoy with crumbed veal cutlets and a seasonal garden salad.


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