Thursday 5 December 2013

Sydney International Wine Competition

Media Release

Australia's International Wine Show. Founded 1982. European Union Accredited.
Only Major International Wine Show to Judge Finalists Alongside Appropriate Food


·        Elegant Chardonnays make their mark in the 2014 Sydney International Wine Competition

·        Aussie Sauvignon Blancs starting a comeback against Kiwi dominance.

·        Diverse grape varieties add great interest to the reds

The 2014 Sydney International Wine Competition has produced the most diverse range of TOP 1OO and Blue-Gold award winners in its 33 year history.

2000 wines were assessed by six Australian and seven international judges, with the 400 highest pointed wines re-judged with food, making it the most consumer friendly wine competition in Australia.

Trophy winners will be announced at the Presentation Banquet in Sydney next March.

Highlights from the Competition's TOP 1OO and Blue-Gold Award winners include:

·         Tasmania starred alongside Champagne in the white and rosé sparkling wines category.

·         Australian and Alsace wines were the success story of the Aromatics category.

·         For the first time in recent years, NZ Sauvignon Blancs did not enjoy a clean sweep in the Sauvignon Blanc wines category.

·         Outstanding Australian Chardonnays highlighted the revival of the variety in Australia.

·         Tasmania defied the recent dominance of New Zealand Pinot Noirs.

·         Shiraz from Australia/Syrah from New Zealand was again the most awarded red variety with a great diversity of styles from both classic and emerging regions.

·         Lesser recognised grape varieties continued to grow their influence in the marketplace.

Chairman of Judges Kym Milne MW said

 "It is pleasing to see not just style diversity between the classes, but also within the classes, providing the consumer with some really interesting options.

"The huge improvement in the style and quality of Australian Chardonnay is a story that needs to be told at every opportunity.  I strongly recommend consumers to try these new style Chardonnays, especially those consumers who moved away from Chardonnay a number of years ago.  You will be amazed by the complexity, elegance and diversity that now exists in Australian Chardonnays.

"Shiraz/Syrah was the most awarded red variety, with a wide range of styles coming from a spread of both warm and cooler climates within Australia and from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand.

"An increasing number of awarded wines were made from the lesser-known Barbera, Nebbiolo, Malbec, Rondinella Corvina and Montepulciano grapes, showing that wineries are responding to the interests of more adventurous wine consumers."

SIWC Convener, Warren Mason, said the competition is still the only international 'major' where its judges divide its finalists into 'Style' categories of similar palate weight, and judge these 'Style' categories alongside appropriate food – with the key objective of making the results more relevant to consumers.

"A wine that is successful in traditional wine shows might taste quite different when tasted with food.  By singling out these Award winners, the main aim of the Competition is to help consumers confidently select wines that are more appropriate to every day dining." he said.

"Wines that make the cut in the SIWC Awards are tasted and re-tasted  by the judges on four separate occasions, the last of which is with appropriate food. This final assessment enables the judges to assess the wine the way consumers will see it.  Wines that stand out initially don't always perform as well with food and the reverse is also true."

"The judging is held over five days and is a demanding exercise but it has always attracted highly qualified judges – both local and international – who endorse our approach.  The judging panel for the 2014 Competition was no exception."

The Awards/Trophies Presentation Banquet for the Sydney International Wine Competition will be held on Saturday, 8 March 2014 (from 12pm – 4pm), Grand Ballroom, Shangri-La Sydney.

In a practical demonstration of the symbiotic relationship between wine and food, the seven dégustation food dishes will be complemented by the appropriate Trophy winning wines.  The Banquet is preceded by the premier tasting of the TOP 1OO and Blue-Gold Award Winners, (10.00 am to Noon) ,each in their thirteen separate Style categories.  Tickets $230.00 p/p. Tables 8-10 $210.00 p/p.

Exhibitions: TOP 1OO and Blue-Gold Award Winners, Saturday, 22 March 2014, The Menzies Ballroom, Sydney.  Session 1: 10.00 -12.00. White Awards $35.00.   Session 2: 2.00 - 5.00. Red Awards $50.00.  Both Sessions: $75.00.

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