Monday 29 June 2015

Schild Estate Pramie Shiraz - Rymill 2013 June Traminer

RESULT of three generations
of family togetherness,
a special wine for special occasions.
David Ellis

SCHILD Estate must rate amongst the Barossa Valley's more amazing family success stories, a young Edgar Schild taking the reins at just 16 years of age when his father passed away in 1956, and going on to replace his dad's small mixed farm with a-now 182ha (450 acres) at Lyndoch on which three generations of the family live today - and producing from it some of the Southern Barossa's finest wines.

Leading those wines is their flagship Pramie, in German meaning bonus or premium, and which could not be more appropriate – the just-released 2013 Pramie Shiraz an exceptional limited-release for giving serious thought to for that next special-occasion dinner or celebration.

Judy Watson, one of today's Schild Estate family owners, says 2013 was an "incredible" year for Shiraz in their part of the Barossa, enabling the family to achieve their constant aim of creating wines reflecting both the best of the vintage, as well as the best of the land from which the wines come.

With intense upfront plum fruit flavours and obvious but fine tannin, this is a Shiraz well worth the $70 asking price, and ideal with flame-grilled fillet of beef. Available from select retail outlets and restaurants for that special occasion; if you've trouble finding it, go onto

PUT this on the table with the pudding if
you're doing Christmas in July this month.
ONE TO NOTE: FOR those doing the Christmas in July thing this month, a rewarding drop to enjoy with the Christmas pudd is Rymill's 2013 June Traminer – a luscious, botrytis-affected "sticky" whose full-on flavours will go just so well with the pudding and a goodly dollop of custard or ice-cream.

And while most consider Traminer a dessert wine to enjoy with puddings and sweet delights like lemon curd tarts and passionfruit panacotta, you'll find it a good drop too with such Thai cuisine main courses as beef satay with peanut sauce, with Indian chicken and coconut curry, or if you are not into the hot and spicy, with pork chops heartily peach glazed. Well worth it at $21 for a 375ml bottle.

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