Monday 8 February 2016

Rymill 2013 Sandstone Cabernet Sauvignon - Coonawarra

CRISP, fizzy, not overly sweet – and with discounts
for 6- and 12-bottle packs online.


David Ellis

WE read and hear plenty about Coonawarra, that small but extraordinary strip of vineyard country in South Australia that comprises limestone and terra rossa (red soil) layered over a deep, one-million year old sandstone ridge, and on which are produced some of the world's greatest Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

But what few know is that in the south of the region, that ancient ridge rises from the depths, and where it emerges on just one vineyard in all of Coonawarra, results in a Cabernet Sauvignon that can truly is incredibly unique.

That vineyard is owned by Rymill Coonawarra, and Winemaker Sandrine Gimon says of the company's recently-released 2013 Sandstone Cabernet Sauvignon that it is so distinctively different "it has made me fall in love with Cabernet all over again."

Created from low yielding, highly flavoured fruit so typical of Coonawarra, this is everything the Cab Sauv devotee could wish for, with a palate of lively fresh berry flavours with hints of licorice, cocoa and black olives all rolled into one.

Wonderfully elegant and refined, it's worth the $60 price tag with a family or friends' Sunday slow-roasted lamb lunch or dinner.

08 February 2016

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