Monday 11 June 2007


AUSTRALIA’s wine companies have received a unique accolade, with Hardys being acclaimed the second most powerful wine brand in the world…and seven others making it into the top fifteen of the world’s leading 100 brands.

A UK-based valuation company researched 10,000 wine and spirit brands from around the globe, whittling the list down to the top-ranking Power 100 in which California’s giant E&J Gallo, that lays claim to making a broader range of wines and spirits than any other company world-wide, just pipped Hardys.

The Aussie company’s success in coming second in the Power 100 list was probably not surprising, considering judging included market share and scope, brand growth and awareness, price positioning, heritage and brand perception.

The company, after all, has been around since 1853, has a stable of labels from budget to best, and puts enormous effort into international sales.

In the budget stakes its consistently reliable Nottage Hill range is priced at just $9.49 a bottle, while at the other end of the scale the iconic Eileen Hardy Chardonnay is snapped up at $60, as is the eminently sippable Thomas Hardy Cabernet Sauvignon at $70 – with back vintages of both fetching $130-plus.

Hardys and those other seven Aussies in the Power 100 top 15 can take a bow.

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