Tuesday 2 October 2007


THE Hunter Valley’s Little Wine Company has released a wonderfully drinkable Sangiovese under its 2005 Olivine label… a flavoursome yet light and food-friendly “Little Taste of Italy” made from the same red grape variety as the classic Chiantis of Italy’s Tuscany region.

Suzanne Little who oversees red wine production at the family winery says Sangiovese is particularly suited to the terroir of the Hunter Valley, with the 2005 the company’s fifth year of production of this variety – and she believes, the best so far.

The wine is full-flavoured with sweet cherry and leather tones and smoky chocolate and mushroom characters; its well priced at $19 a bottle from most independent retailers – if you can’t find it, give the winery a call on (02) 6579 1111 to find a local outlet.

Being a wine of Tuscan origin – it’s been made there for over 700 years – this one’s ideal with tomato-based pasta dishes or most pizzas.

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