Friday 3 October 2008


wine with david ellis
WITH warmer days not too far off, for many of us our thoughts will soon be turning to alfresco dining and a glass or two of lower alcohol whites to enjoy with summery seafoods and salads in the middle of the day.
Chateau Tanunda have come up with just such a drop, a ripper of a crisp dry white that's just 10.5% alcohol – nearly a third under the normal – that almost explodes with spritzy lemon and lime flavours coupled with a lively touch of grapefruit and watermelon.
This 2007 Grand Barossa Classic Crisp Dry White wine is best served well chilled and lives up nicely to its "crisp" labelling; at $18 it's just the drop to share outdoors with a seafood platter and salad, or simply fish and chips.
ANOTHER FOR LUNCH: MILDARA have been making wine since the late 1800s, and have been producing true-to-variety wines from the Coonawarra region since the 1950s.
Amongst their latest from this renowned area is a Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz from the rewarding 2005 vintage that gave winemakers fruit with exceptionally ripe-fruit flavours and generous tannins; this wine has rich dark berry fruit flavours with a sweet cinnamon spiciness and light vanillin on the palate.
Pay $28.99 and team it with a mixed grill accompanied by boiled tiny potatoes tossed in melted butter and sprinkled with Tuscan herbs.
WINE OF THE WEEK: IF there's a party on the horizon and you're going to need a few bottles of bubbles, give serious thought to De Bortoli's new Emeri Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc that at just $13.99 is loaded with soft tropical fruit flavours and a creaminess that will go with all manner of party-room finger food. And if for some reason you're looking for just a couple of celebratory glasses on your own, it also comes in a handy 200ml miniature at just $5.49.
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CLASSIC: This crisp dry white is nearly a third lighter in alcohol and ideal with midday seafood salads or fish 'n chips.
THINK about a mixed grill with Tuscan-herbed tiny potatoes to partner this exceptional Coonawarra red.

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