Thursday 2 December 2010

Wine Odyssey Australia

Media Release

The launch of Wine Odyssey Australia in Sydney in November 2008 represented a landmark moment for Australian winemakers and consumers alike; a world-first showcase for independent Australian wineries.

Now, two years on, Wine Odyssey Australia proudly provides a new route to market for Australia's smaller, lesser known winemakers and enables burgeoning wine lovers to be able to make new discoveries, and experience wines and the people behind them, that otherwise they may never have crossed.

Located in a stunning Heritage building in The Rocks, the success of the model is evident, and these two years are proof that Wine Odyssey Australia has a significant role to play in the Australian wine industry.

A wine lovers paradise, it could be said, but at the same time a fabulous relaxed wine and food destination for locals and visitors alike. It provides an Australian wine experience, an educational facility, a fine wine retail store, a restaurant and foremost is a fabulous iconic Sydney Wine Bar where wine lovers can while away an afternoon or evening, every day of the week.

Tying in perfectly with this two year milestone, Wine Odyssey Australia has appointed Head Chef Brian Villahermosa, to take the Wine Odyssey kitchen to the next level.

Previously head chef at Kirribilli's favourite tapas restaurant, Catalonia, and a CV which reads like the Good Food Guide, including The Art Gallery of NSW, Bayswater Brasserie and the famous Isola Restaurant in London, Brian is extremely enthusiastic about this opportunity.

His passion for wine matched only with his passion for food, has enabled him to re-create the menu comprising share plates and quality dishes all of which can be easily matched with one of the 400 strong wines on the all-Australian list at Wine Odyssey.

Extremely enthusiastic about the future of Wine Odyssey Australia, particularly having attained the two year milestone in some of the most challenging economic times, owners Angela Brown & Lynette Rae, both reflect on the journey thus far.

"Rewarding, challenging, inspiring, exhausting, exciting – these are just a few of the emotions we feel as we celebrate our second birthday this month" says Managing Director Angela Brown "but there isn't a day which passes that we don't feel proud of what we have achieved for the Australian wine industry" Angela continues.

Lynette Rae, who was recently selected by the NSW Department of Industry and Investment to take part of a buying trip to Australia's newest wine region, the New England, spoke of Wine Odysseys place in today's wine industry to other delegates and the regions burgeoning industry.

"Over the past two years Wine Odyssey has become an important part of our local wine industry, it's taken some small unknown brands and brought them to the market, showcased some fascinating and exciting wines from tiny producers in one central location in the heart of Sydney. It's enabled far flung producers like those in the New England to be discovered, and that's what's exciting to us. We're proud to say that we can provide a 'cellar door in the city' for small and family owned producers, and help put them on the map." says Lynette

So, where to next? Rumour has it that the tireless crew at Wine Odyssey Australia may be considering a joint venture opportunity in Asia, replicating a fabulous model showcasing small and family owned Australia wines to the world.

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