Friday 7 January 2011

Join the Rum Rebellion this Australia Day

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Did you know that Rum could actually be described as one of our national drinks, being used as the first unofficial currency of the early Australia colonies back in NSW in 1793? It also played a key role in our pioneering spirit and military history with the 'Rum Rebellion' of 1808, Australia's one and only military coup!

Encapsulating all of this history, whilst also highlighting the future of this stylish, seductive spirit is Holey Dollar Rum; the perfect rum experience on any day from Australia Day to Anzac Day!

Australia's Rum Heritage is reflected by the name Holey Dollar - the coins with holes punched out that, significantly, superseded rum as the main form of currency in NSW. As well as in name, Holey Dollar Rum also echo's its heritage in style, as like those early rums, which were all imported, Holey Dollar Rum is distilled from the finest and purest Fijian sugar cane.

This cane is hand cut to yield the highest possible sugar content and produces molasses of unsurpassed quality. These ingredients are distilled in a 100 year old wood fired copper Pot Still under a unique and specific Australian recipe by the talented hands of Australian Master Distiller Stuart Gilbert (2009 IWSC Best Rum and International Distiller of the Year).

Coincidentally, Stuart first fine-tuned the recipe for Holey Dollar Rum in 2008 exactly 200 years after the Rum Rebellion! The brand is still one of the only premium quality rums to be produced by a wholly Australian-owned company.

Holey Dollar's Modern Rum Rebellion is showcasing how this beguiling, dark spirit is resounding history but is also taking rum to a new level by offering a superior drinking experience. No longer banished to be mixed with coke or orange juice, these are finely hand-crafted rums with smooth complex aromas and flavours, and offered in 3 strengths to suit different palates and occasions.

The superior quality has been justified by International acclaim including, 2009 International Wine & Spirit Competition Winner "Trophy for Best Rum", 2010 International Wine & Spirit Competition Winner "Gold Medal and Best in Class" and 2010 The Golden Rum Barrel Awards Winner "Best Australian Rum".

Whilst this level of quality does come at a slightly higher price, Holey Dollar still honours the Australian pioneering spirit and remains affordable to all, for any special occasion.

Holey Dollar "Premium" Rum (40% A/V) (RRP $39.99)

Attractive nose with good floral notes and some dark, brown sugar. Good, rich mouth with flavours following the nose along with treacle, dark chocolate and some vanilla. Raisin and prune are there and go into the full finish.

Holey Dollar "Overproof" Rum (57.2% A/V) (RRP $64.99)

Nose is filled with tropical fruits with floral backing and rich vanilla. Mouth is big and demonstrative with all the flavours the nose had plus prune and treacle, with good, sweet vanilla. Long silky-soft extended finish.

Holey Dollar "Cask Strength" Rum (75.9% A/V) (RRP $84.99)

Dark amber colour with aromas of raisins and chocolate, toasty almonds and a hint of dried banana…layer upon layer of progressively drier and woodier oak flavours finishing long and warm on the palate.


·         1788 - First Fleet settles in Sydney Cove, January 26th. No coins meant the barter system became firmly established.

·         1792 - Captain Phillip returned to England giving wide control to the NSW Corps.

·         1793 - American trading ship the 'Hope', arrived with 7,500 gallons of rum in her cargo.

·         The NSW Corps officers bought the cargo and started to use rum as the main means of exchange (distributing it at a huge profit for the next 17 years :-)

·         1806 - William Bligh arrives as Governor of NSW with orders to curb the power of the Rum Corps. His methods upset officers and leading free-settlers.

·         26th January 1808 - 20 years after Australia's settlement, the Corps marched on Government House reputedly dragging the "tyrant" Bligh from beneath a bed before arresting, imprisoning and eventually exiling him.

·         This was and still is the only military coup in Australian history

·         1810 - The new Governor, Lachlan Macquarie requested a special shipment of 40 000 Spanish coins from The Bay of Bengal. Each coin was punched into two – the holey dollar and the dump.

·         The holey dollar replaced rum based barter system and remained the colony's legal tender until 1822 when England solved coin production problems and were able to send supplies to the distant colony.

·         2008 – Holey Dollar Rum was founded by Stuart Gilbert.

·         2009 - Holey Dollar Rum wins International Wine & Spirit Competition Trophy for "World's Best Rum" and named "International Distiller of the Year".

·         2010 – Holey Dollar Rum announced The Golden Rum Barrel Awards Winner "Best Australian Rum" and was runner up in the Spirits producer of the Year.

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