Tuesday 7 February 2012

Fowles Wine: the winery formerly known as Plunkett Fowles

On 1 February Plunkett Fowles winery will be known as Fowles Wine to reflect the future direction of the winery.

Late last year, the Fowles Family purchased the remaining interest in the winery from Alan Plunkett. In the circumstances, Sam Plunkett has decided to pursue his Master of Wine.

These key developments are a significant milestone, marking what the Fowles Family feel is an exciting opportunity toevolve the winery's name from Plunkett Fowles to Fowles Wine.

Fowles Wine will continue to be led by Matt Fowles, with Victor Nash stepping up to lead the Fowles Wine winemakingteam as Chief Winemaker.

Matt Fowles said: "We have an incredible team here at Fowles Wine and a real winemaking talent in Victor Nash. Victorhas worked alongside Sam Plunkett crafting our award winning wine for over ten years and has had full operationalresponsibility for the winery since 2007."

Matt Fowles said: "There will be no changes to any of our wine or wine brands. We continue to be wholly focused onpouring the best of the Strathbogie Ranges into the glasses of our loyal followers. We only intend to make a smallcosmetic change on our logo to reflect the winery's ownership change.

As a family we're excited about the next phase and, in particular, continuing to take the best of the 'Bogies to the world.

"For further comment or more information please contact Matt Fowles: 0413 605 447 or matt.fowles@plunkettfowles.com.au

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