Wednesday 22 February 2012


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This weekend’s Sydney Cellar Door will see the launch of ‘Ask for it’, a new NSW Wine marketing initiative. ‘Ask For It’ is a new campaign designed to continue the momentum that has been created since 2008 when the NSW Wine Strategy was launched. The strategy is designed to highlight the quality and diversity of NSW wines and to encourage NSW residents to become as fiercely parochial about their State’s wine as the other wine producing States.

The strategy has been incredibly successful to date and has seen on-premise sales of bottled NSW wine within NSW increase from $52.3M in 2007 to $87.7M in 2011, an increase of over 60%.

Representation of NSW wines on NSW restaurant wine lists has also improved, with a recent report showing a 22% increase between 2010 and 2011.*

Whilst a great start, this is not the time to rest on past successes so ‘Ask For It’ is here to remind consumers that the power is with them. If they can’t see a NSW wine on a bottle shop shelf or on a wine list then they should ask for it. Whether that be in person or via the many social networking platforms now available, ask for it.

The launch of ‘Ask For It’ encourages NSW wine lovers to make their desire to drink local wines known to their favourite restaurants, wine bars and bottle shops, helping lift sales of NSW wine to the next level. Importantly, this initiate will support the many small, family owned vineyards who are competing with large corporations from across the globe, and in turn offer consumers even more value and choice.

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You can find out more at or pick up a flyer at any of the wine stands at Sydney Cellar Door

(Sat 25th & Sun 26th February 2012, Hyde Park South, Sydney)

*Wine Business Solutions Report 2011 Peter McAtamney P: 02 9744 8332

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