Friday 21 September 2012

Challenges create champions at Lerida Estate

Media Release

Lerida Estate has been awarded the Top Gold and a Trophy at the 2012 ActewAGL Canberra Regional Wine Show, and also the Deb Downey Trophy at the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show, for its 2012 Lerida Estate Pinot Grigio.

"The wines we have previously made from Pinot Gris have been a slightly sweeter style and have always been very popular with customers," said owner Anne Caine. "But we also love of the dryer version of this variety, and the challenging weather during the last two vintages dictated that we pick earlier, benefiting the lighter, more elegant 'Grigio' style. Our 2011 Pinot Grigio was the first vintage where we created this style, and we were really pleased with it, and now we are delighted to see in 2012 that our decision to change has been endorsed by the wine show judges."

According to Lerida Estate's joint owner Jim Lumbers, "there are no secrets in winemaking, only unrelenting attention to detail in every activity, from manicuring the vines, hand picking and sorting all fruit, to oak selection and temperature control.  While medals are not the only thing that most people consider when they are buying wines, it is reassuring to know that wine judges around Australia have recognised the quality of the wines made at Lerida Estate. This is a vote of confidence in both Canberra's Lake George terroir, as well as the winemaker's skills."

So far this year Lerida Estate has been awarded 3 Trophies and 23 Gold, Silver & Bronze medals.  While this is a great result by itself, what is more impressive is that the medals have been awarded across the range of wines made by Lerida Estate including Shiraz Viognier, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Botrytis Pinot Gris.

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