Monday 21 October 2013


SPLASH into the glass with lamb
chops or cutlets off the barbie, or indoors
with roast lamb or osso bucco.

David Ellis

WESTERN Australia maker Devil's Lair continue to enjoy great success with their quirkily-named Fifth Leg label Margaret River Shiraz, a wine that's almost tailor-made for when you're chucking lamb chops or cutlets on the barbecue during our upcoming warmer and hotter months.

As with previous vintages the 2012 Fifth Leg Shiraz is what the company likes to sum up as a "refined larrikin," one that can be enjoyed equally splashed into the glass around that barbie, or poured more graciously indoors with a roast lamb dinner, lamb shanks or perhaps osso bucco.

Fruit for this wine was sourced from an array of Western Australian vineyards, all of which enjoyed a great vintage for Shiraz in 2012, with very hot days tempered by cool nights and below-average rainfall. The result is a wine with delicious concentrated dark berry flavours and a little hint of spiciness.

Pay $17.99 – and when you are around that barbie ponder just how the fossilised remains of what appeared to have been a Tasmanian Devil were found in a cave on the Devil's Lair property some years ago… with the remains including a mysterious fifth leg.

NORMALLY considered a dessert wine,
this Moscato also great with Indian curries. 
ONE TO NOTE:  MOSCATO is generally considered a wine to share with dessert, but Peter Logan and his wife Hannah like to take a bottle or two of their Logan Moscato along to their local Indian restaurant where Peter says the variety with its sugar and fruitiness proves a great foil to the heat, spice and strong flavours of Indian curries.

The 2013 Logan Moscato was actually made from Gewurztraminer fruit off the family vineyards in the Central Ranges of NSW, interestingly a very good vintage after the failure of the 2012 to give enough fruit to make a 2012 Moscato. There are loads of fruit salad, ginger and floral flavours in this 2013, that with its light spritz and balance of freshness and sweetness makes it ideal with desserts – or as Peter and Hannah do, as a delightful foil with Indian dishes. Pay $20 for a 375ml bottle.

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