Monday 14 October 2013


TOP guide into how best to buy,
cellar, serve and enjoy wine.

David Ellis

MANY books about wine have come our way over the years, their publishers all assuring us that each is the absolute ultimate guide to understanding wine.

But amongst the best we’ve seen yet is the just-released A Top Drop – and not only because of the huge field it covers, but because it is written in an easy to understand style to help everyone from the novice wine enthusiast, to the more-seasoned buyer, to get the most enjoyment and value out of buying, cellaring and sharing wine.

In some 239 pages authors Ian Bailey (a wine teacher and lecturer) and Ian Powrie (a major wine industry investor) have covered an astonishing 400 topics ranging from wine varieties grown in Australia, what flavours to expect in those varieties and thus what wines best match what foods, how best to cellar and store your wines, why some wines should be decanted, the reasoning behind different glassware for different wines, to what to expect when a wine is described as ‘zingy,’ ‘corky,’ ‘charry’ or ‘creamy.’

And they talk about temperatures at which different varietals should be served for best flavour enjoyment – including some reds that can come out of the fridge – and to assist the very novices and those who are not regular wine imbibers, a section recommends a selection of different brands of major varieties across different price brackets.

Published by New Holland Publishing, A Top Drop is just $19.95 and an excellent thought for Christmas for family or friends keen to broaden their wine knowledge.

RIPPER red to enjoy with
lamb shanks or osso bucco.
ONE TO NOTE: LOCAL Liquor Stores have a ripper Barking Tree Shiraz from Western Australia’s Margaret River that at just $14.99 is wonderfully spicy, has a typical Shiraz peppery edge and by contrast nice soft cherry fruit on the palate. With these beautifully forward flavours this wine is an ideal match with lamb shanks or osso bucco. Local Liquor Stores have some 250 members throughout Eastern Australia; to find your nearest:

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