Monday 7 March 2016

Stage Door 2015 The Green Room Riesling - Eden Valley

HERE'S a great partner for crab
cakes and other seafoods.


David Ellis

THE unusually named Stage Door Wine Co in South Australia's Eden Valley was given the moniker by owner Graeme Thredgold who founded the exceptional little family-owned business just three years ago.

And he so-named it for not only having a long history himself in the brewing and wine games but in the music industry as well, and like any good stage hoofer his wine company is already putting on a sterling performance despite its youth.

A 2015 The Green Room Riesling is a particularly good example of what can come out of such small family shows, and was thankfully helped along by a growing season that started with above average winter rains, a stint of dry weather followed by some extreme heat, 30mm of rain in early January, and then near-perfect ripening conditions that lead to an earlier than usual harvest.

The whole Thredgold extended family then pitched-in to handpick the fruit, that was crafted into a drop that in true Stage Door tradition almost belts out "look at me."

With a palate of full-on citrus flavours – lemon, lime, mandarin and orange – this is a great Riesling at $25 to enjoy with seafoods (crab cakes immediately spring to mind,) roast chicken, or simply chilled on its own on a warm autumn day.

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