Monday 11 April 2016

Margan 2014 White Label Chardonnay - Hunter Valley

PERFECT Australian Chardonnay to serve
with a French Chicken Cordon Bleu.


David Ellis

ANDREW Margan used fruit off exceptional low-yielding vines on his Saxonvale Vineyard in the Broke Fordwich region of the Hunter Valley for a 2014 White Label Chardonnay that Chardonnay buffs – and despite what many will tell you, there are still plenty of us around – will find a true delight.

Because as well as coming off vines some forty years old, the fruit also thrived under these vines' shaded canopies, giving Andrew marvellously fine-flavoured grapes for this lovely drop… one that makes for rewarding buying and enjoyment now, while showing its also got potential for aging if you've the patience to wait.

Bright and sprightly with fresh honey and vanilla, together with some citrus overtones on the palate, and with a beautiful creaminess and nutty finish, at $40 this is a wine that Andrew likes to put in the Modern Australian Chardonnay category.

And while he says Chardonnay may have found a home in this country with a natural affinity to sharing with a range of local foods, his suggestion is to match this one with rich, French-styled dishes… we'd suggest maybe Chicken Cordon Bleu – chicken rolled with ham and Swiss cheese and served with lashings of a creamy wine sauce.

 11 Apr 16

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