Friday 16 March 2012

Moa Beer sends Moa Hunters over the ditch

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The country that gave Australia Russell Crowe, Keith Urban and Quade Cooper is offering up another export, except this time it’s a bit more palatable – New Zealand’s finest craft beer, Moa.

Award-winning Moa Beer is hand-crafted in Marlborough using locally produced hops and traditional brewing techniques and is now available in Australia[1].

Spearheading Moa’s Australian invasion are Justin Bade and Devon Tong. Bearing the proud name of Aussie Moa Hunters, the pair are no strangers to selling booze in foreign lands – Justin and Devon previously managed the UK market for 42 Below Vodka.

“When it comes to drinking habits, with age comes wisdom so it’s a natural progression to make the move into the premium beer category,” Devon says.

Devon, who has been Moa Hunting in Australia for the past five months, has been impressed by the response to date.

“Every day I’ve been meeting with beer enthusiasts who really know their stuff and to have them express their utmost respect for our beers after tasting them is a real buzz.

“I’m also relishing the ground swell of interest there seems to be growing around the craft beer category as a whole. And of course it’s a bonus to drink a little beer as part of the job,” he says.

Justin has more recently made the move to Australia and says he’s been pleasantly surprised by the “Aussie thirst for Kiwi hops”, which seems to turn its back on the traditional trans-Tasman rivalry.

“These knowledgeable Aussie drinkers just want to embrace the fine brews that are coming out of New Zealand and Moa is right up there on their radar,” he says.

Moa Beer General Manager Gareth Hughes is thrilled to have Justin and Devon to take care of the Moa Australian invasion.

“Australia is a key market for Moa’s growth and expansion, so it’s important we have experienced guys on the ground to present the full Moa Beer experience we all know and enjoy in New Zealand.

“No one knows more about selling Kiwi liquor around the world than Justin and Devon – we’re loving what they’re already achieving.”

To help introduce Australians to Moa Beer, Moa will be taking over the taps at The Local Taphouse in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Moa Tap Takeovers will take place on:
· Tues 20 March, The Local Taphouse, 184 Carlisle St, St Kilda, Melbourne, from 7pm
· Wed 21 March, The Local Taphouse, 122 Flinders St, Darlinghurst, Sydney, from 7pm

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