Monday 12 March 2012


AS Aussie as the Esky and the Hills Hoist,
and making a welcome come-back.

David Ellis

WAS a time back in the 1960s and '70s when Sparkling Shiraz was as much a part of the Australian scene as the Esky and the Hills Hoist, the oh-so-popular bubbly being most-usually labelled at the time as Sparkling Burgundy.

But fashions and tastes changed and these every-day drops that could range in taste and quality from superb to little more than overly-sweet pop (which probably furthered their demise,) dwindled in favour in the party room and at the table.

Thankfully several companies are resurrecting this inherently Aussie drink, with Blue Pyrenees in Western Victoria recently releasing a non-vintage Sparkling Shiraz that's a truly class act, and a world apart from some of the stuff of the '60s and 70s.

A GREAT "sticky" those who love
their puddings and rich fruit cakes
With climatic conditions generally ideal for producing premium Shiraz fruit in its region, Blue Pyrenees Senior Winemaker, Andrew Koerner created a bubbly he believes will turn any occasion into a special one, particularly with its nice berries and cherry flavours and a touch of spice. Pay $24 and enjoy chilled with a traditional roast lamb dinner, Asian dishes or after dinner with chocolate cake.

ONE FOR LUNCH: MIRANDA at Griffith in the NSW Riverina have released a wonderful 2008 Golden Botrytis Semillon that's a great drop for those of us who still enjoy our puddings and rich fruit cakes and a "sticky" to go with them.

Fruit for this luscious wine was left on the vines after normal harvesting time to develop Botrytis Cinerea – the so-called Noble Rot – that concentrates the flavour, sugar and acidity of the grapes to impart a uniquely distinctive character.

At $19.99 for a 375ml bottle, the intense peach, apricot and wild honey flavours make this a perfect dessert wine with rich puddings, fruit cakes and most cheeses.


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