Friday 23 March 2012

Rymill Coonawarra Foodies

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mc² + sbs = Coonawarra foodies

Arriving in plenty of time for Tasting Australia (26 April to 3 May 2012) these wines are all about taste and their capacity to complement and enhance the myriad of different food flavours and styles available here in this country.

Senior winemaker at Rymill Coonawarra Sandrine Gimon says "A blended wine can be a very clever equation; bringing together the best attributes of each variety and resulting in a tasty, textured and full flavoured wine. The bonus, there is more than one variety to match your food choice."

The 2011 Rymill Coonawarra sbs has a new label this vintage to make sure it's the perfect companion to mc² on the outside as well as the inside of the bottle. Sandrine is as confident of its food matching ability and she is of its red sibling. "The classic equation of Sauvignon Blanc plus Semillon is an exceptional alliance that goes so incredibly well with many styles of food. The Sauvignon Blanc gives engaging aromas and a complexity of flavour. The Semillon contributes structure and imparts a long zesty lemon finish with a touch of flint. We partially ferment both varieties in carefully selected French oak to offer a little extra texture, sweet spiciness, and tight yet mouth filling tannins. It's the fusion of all these elements that make it the perfect partner for casual or fine dining."

The well-known 2010 Rymill Coonawarra mc² is our favourite red foodie and also a classic Bordeaux blend. In this wine the Cabernet Sauvignon provides structure, allowing all the flavours to fall into alignment, the Merlot gives softness and fruitiness, and finally, the Cabernet Franc contributes a delicate spiciness.

Sandrine explains "This is the same formula as our popular 2009 vintage but with a little extra 'Mmmm', as the quality of the 2010 Merlot was so good. It added an approachable juiciness and fleshiness to the wine. I could tell you the exact percentage break-down of varietals in these two wines but then of course I'd have to kill you. Only joking, but I do always say, you have to visit us at the winery to find out; you're always welcome to visit."

Both wine labels have a QR code to take you directly to Where you will find more information on mc² and the other Coonawarra foodie, gt.

2010 Rymill Coonawarra mc² (RRP $19.95) & 2011 Rymill Coonawarra sbs (RRP $19.95)

Distributed nationally by Negociants Australia (08) 8112 4210 or purchase directly from

Rymill Coonawarra

John Riddoch founded Coonawarra in 1890 when he had the foresight to plant the first grapevines in the district. Over a century later, John Rymill, his great-great-grandson is managing director of our family wine company.
Six generations on, the family's long and important connection with wine and horses is represented by of our stallions rampant in both the company logo and bronze sculpture that welcomes visitors to the winery.

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