Tuesday 18 December 2012

Madame Kirsty's Secret Poison

Unearthing Mudgee: Vintnews Regional Tour

Here are some of the great wines and venues we uncovered during our recent trip to the Mudgee region. For more details, see: www.visitmudgeeregion.com.au

Roth's Wine Bar

BYO (and donate) your classic Vegemite glass
for a free fill of 10/80.
This place is dripping with history - among other things. The perfect finish to any day touring around Mudgee is to wind up (or down) at Roth's Wine Bar in Market Street. First licensed in 1923, the premises maintains possibly the last surviving Governor's liquor license in Australia. Funky and fun, there's great food and music too.

If you're game, ask for a dose of 10/80*, a secret recipe Kirsty tells me is a blend of "a wine, a fortified wine and maybe something else". Apparently the original mixture was served back in the day, speakeasy-style in classic Vegemite glasses, and if you have an old one lying around and want to donate it, the first fill is on the house.

And why Madame Kirsty? Well, according to local history, you could once rent rooms by the hour at Roth's and Kirsty has a keen sense of 'tradition'.

* for non-rural types, 10/80 is a common and highly toxic poison used for vermin control.

(Open Wednesday to Saturday 5pm till late)

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