Tuesday 18 December 2012

Meet Leopold and Victor

 Unearthing Mudgee: Vintnews Regional Tour

Here are some of the great wines and venues we uncovered during our recent trip to the Mudgee region. For more details, see: www.visitmudgeeregion.com.au

2009 Leopold Reserve Shiraz-Viognier

Tasting Notes:

An opulent deep purple colour, a character of prestige that impacts long after you have finished.  The prettiness of apricot kernel and violet talc embrace the deeper aromatics of blackberry and nutmeg.  A traditional co-fermentation in open vats and maturation in a combination of new and seasoned French hogsheads form an alliance between well integrated oak and fruit tannins to give a lingering, soft finish.

Vin et Gastronomie:

This wine, by nature of the soft tannins, will prefer a softer, sweeter style of protein. A simple pan seared pork tenderloin with a soy and maple syrup glaze, stir fried broccolini and sticky coconut rice would suffice.  You could try it with poultry (chicken or duck) in a master-stock or a shitake mushroom and udon noodle soup with beef stock.  Note that none of these benefit or will cope with heavier tannins and are 'gentle' foods with a deep soul.

Let the wine and the food glide along the same parallel.  For a geographical analogy, think similarities on a latitudinal (cold/cold v soft tannin/soft texture) plane rather than polar longitudinal (hot/cold v eg fat/acid).  Or socially, the more quietly spoken and wise prefer deep personal conversation rather than being loud with a crowd.

2006 Victor Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes:

Plums, aniseed and a beguiling cigar box aroma volume from the glass, matched in intensity by the rich palate.  A stellar vintage producing remarkable fruit, this wine is still but young. Juicy tannins, intensity and length yet kept in check by the fact that the fruit is grown in a, cool climate.

Vin et Gastronomie:

Allow this wine the benefit of decanting.  It will pay dividends as you watch the butterfly emerge over time.  An investment in cellaring will also reward as well.  Best have a few on hand.

Heavier proteins are required to stand confidently side by side with this wine.  Roasted beef dishes that capitalise on caramelisation of fats and juices with a sturdy well made jus (or gravy) will sing 'hallelujah'!  Accompany with the sweetness of quality roasted potato and onions and you will be in heaven.


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