Tuesday 18 December 2012

Skimstone 2011 Tre-Onde

Unearthing Mudgee: Vintnews Regional Tour

Here are some of the great wines and venues we uncovered during our recent trip to the Mudgee region. For more details, see: www.visitmudgeeregion.com.au

Skimstone 2011 Tre Onde

Sangiovese 60%, Barbera 20%, Cabernet 20%

Skimstone 2011 Tre Onde

Winemaker Josh Clementson says:

When it comes to making blends such as our 2011 it’s an incredible difficult process in getting the balance right; You don’t want one grape variety to overpower the other but you need subtle tones of everything , I definitely think our 2011 is just right.

Sangiovese with its intense tannins and lovely soft sour fruit,Barbera with its rich dark berry fruit and little tannins and Cabernet with its soft cherry chocolate and spice tones make a truly elegant wine, add some delicate oak, it seems easy but you need the balance between all three to create something special.

Open this wine at let it breath; give it twenty or so minutes and then pour a glass you will be rewarded indeed. Every smell you will get something different; this is a wine of soft layers, a waft of subtle oak, a layer of cherries, a bit of chocolate, dark berries and subtle earthy tones.

Take a sip and it holds the whole pallet at the front soft cherries in the middle those dark fruits and at the back those soft delicate tannins that are so good with food. We believe that all wine should be drunk with food and this is one for those rich savory dishes although soft and delicate it cuts through the riches of such food to give you that perfect match.


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