Monday 28 April 2014


LONG-TIME favourite goes hand-in-hand with seafood
risotto, or chicken or pork dishes in creamy sauces.


David Ellis

WE confess to being unabashed Chardonnay lovers, and put those who moan "Not Another Chardonnay" straight into the category of wine-snobs – seeing themselves above the myriad crowds of us who make this varietal one of Australia's biggest sellers.

Match a seafood lunch or dinner and a good Charddy and we're, well, we're yours: just recently we shared with friends a lunch of seafood risotto with that great stand-by, Rosemount Estate's Diamond Label Chardonnay. Not only was it a perfect pairing, this wine from the 2013 vintage was just $16 from our local bottle shop.

Made from fruit drawn from Rosemount's vineyards across that great sprawl dubbed "South Eastern Australia," and in this case much of it South Australia's McLaren Vale, this is a wine that's full of juicy, ripe peach, nectarine and melon flavours, a lemony zest and rich creamy almonds.

Diamond Label Chardonnay is up there amongst Australia's top-selling wines, and is a great match not just with seafood but with a whole host of other choices as well – from chicken or pork in creamy sauces to ham- or cheese-based salads.
GETTING it right – perfect match with oysters
or caviar to kick-start that next dinner party.

ONE TO NOTE: PETER Logan is pretty blunt when it comes to self-analysis of his Logan Vintage 'M' Cuvee, putting it straight on the line with the comment: "After 16 years, I think we're getting there."

And he adds of that first 'M' Cuvee back in 1998: "Looking back I was pretty naïve, thinking the cold climate was all that was needed to get the right acid to make good fizz. But cold was just one piece of the puzzle – and we've become much better at it now."

It certainly appears so, with his 2010 Logan Vintage 'M' Cuvee – named after his Champers-loving dad, Malcolm – a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier from NSW's Central Ranges that's got savoury complex characters, a creamier mousse than earlier vintages, and a long finish. Pay $35 to kick-start that next dinner party with perhaps oysters, caviar or mixed nuts before the main course.

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