Monday 14 November 2016

Lindeman’s Gentleman’s Collection Tawny

GREAT Christmas idea for dads, grand-dads, older-era uncles
(and aunts) who can fondly remember "another time."


David Ellis

WAS a time when true gentlemen of this world always had a good tawny port on hand to offer guests at the completion of a fine dinner, or to bid them Good Night or Farewell as they made their way to bed or to home.

And now Lindeman have released a wonderful new tawny to recall that era, offering with it a light-hearted set of rules reflecting yesteryear chivalry, and complete with guidelines to savouring this almost by-gone wine style. For, as Chief Winemaker Wayne Falkenberg says, "along with slippers and dressing gowns, fortified wines have become somewhat of a quaint tradition of yesteryear, a terrible shame for the generations who have missed out on this rich, luscious wine style."

Part of Lindeman's Gentleman's Collection, this is an almost-must for those of us who can remember those days of yore, and a great idea as a Christmas gift for dads, grand-dads, older-era uncles (and aunts!) who can fondly remember "another time."

A blend of four grape varieties from half a dozen vintages, and fortified with a secret select spirit, this Lindeman's Gentleman's Collection Tawny has lovely concentrated sweet fruit flavours, hints of spicy raisins, sweet maple syrup and a nutty finish. At just $22, it's ideal for under the tree this year for special someone's from another era.

for week beginning 14 November 2016

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