Saturday 10 August 2013

Treasure in the attic at Berowra Waters Inn

2/6 Tourist Luncheon from 1938
When Brian Geraghty, head chef and owner of Berowra Waters Inn, climbed into the attic a few weeks ago, he wasn’t expecting to find much more than a few boxes of junk and some ancient cobwebs. To his great surprise, he discovered an old menu for a ‘Special Tourist Luncheon’ dating back 75 years and priced at just two shillings and sixpence (around $5 and barely the price of a cup of coffee in today’s money).

Brian Geraghty
Inspired by his find, Irish-born Geraghty decided to create a contemporary menu reinterpreting the dishes from 1938. The hero ingredients from the historic menu – fresh oysters and market fish – will be prepared in Geraghty’s signature modern Australian style and offered as part of a new menu of smaller, lighter dishes.

Available in time for Mother’s Day and until the Queen’s birthday long weekend in June, the menu will feature canapés, four courses and a pre-dessert for $120. A selection of wines chosen by Berowra Waters Inn’s sommelier to complement the menu will be available for $50. On Mother’s Day diners will be offered a complimentary glass of prosecco.

“I went up to the attic for a bit of a clear out. I was amazed to find the old menu up there, it was like finding a piece of our history,” says Geraghty. “The dishes used some beautiful fresh seafood and other produce but the cooking techniques that were popular in the 1930s, like frying and broiling, seem heavy and old-fashioned now, particularly for seafood. I want to take those ingredients and bring out their flavours and textures with lighter, more modern techniques,” he says.

Geraghty says the heritage of Berowra Waters Inn is unique: “This menu is just one example of what makes Berowra Waters Inn so special. We’re known for offering amazing food in our stunning location on the Hawkesbury River, but I can’t think of any other restaurant that can compete with our history. I find that very inspiring. With this menu we’re going to build on the quality for which Berowra Waters Inn has always been known, and refresh it to create a unique menu that will be perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day or any other special occasion between now and June.”

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