Monday 7 July 2014


PAY homage to this drop's Tasmanian heritage by
matching it with salmon, lobster or abalone.


David Ellis

THEY frustrated many of Dutchman Abel Tasman's attempts to land on what was ultimately to be named after him Tasmania, but it's those same tempest-like winds that today are so integral to the success of the State's great cool-climate vineyards.

Now Heemskerk, named after Tasman's 1640's flagship, have released a range of wines under a well-chosen Abel's Tempest label, including amongst them a marvellous 2012 Chardonnay created from fruit from two cool-climate Tasmanian regions, the Coal River Valley down in its south-east, and the Tamar Valley away up in its north.

Bringing to the fore the finest of characteristics of the fruits of these valleys, winemakers Charles 'Chilly' Hargrave and Peter Munro have put together a wine that's awash with generous lemony citrus and nectarine flavours, and subtle oak – and they've generously paid tribute to the skills of Heemskerk viticulturist Jamie Hewet for the extraordinary quality of fruit he supplied them for this wine.

PERFECT partner with a good steak topped
with a creamy dark mushroom sauce.
At a well-pitched $25 this is a delight to enjoy with obvious roast chicken or other white-meat dishes, or go a step further and pay homage to its Tasmanian heritage with a variety of seafoods from salmon to lobster and abalone.

ONE TO NOTE: ROSEMOUNT'S Diamond Label series has been around for a long while now, and its ever-faithful Diamond Label Cabernet Sauvignon is a firm favourite amongst those who like a good steak and a well-priced red – this wine still selling for a nicely-placed $16.

The 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon released earlier this year is a wine from predominantly South Australian McLaren Valley fruit out of a vintage that had long and slow ripening conditions, and is one with quite vibrant red cherry, dark plum and creamy milk chocolate flavours, and a hint of mint.

Enjoy this one with that steak, topping it with a creamy dark mushroom sauce.

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