Tuesday 7 July 2015

2015 Sofitel Wine Days - Art of Wine Study

Sofitel proudly unveils the all-new 2015 edition of Sofitel Wine Days during which the brand’s hotels celebrate French wine and art-de-vivre, offering guests a wide array of extraordinary wine experiences. Sofitel’s program is in a class of its own this year, and will be held from September 21-October 31, 2015 during the traditional wine harvest period in France. From a partnership with 2004 Worldwide Best Sommelier Enrico Bernardo, to an exclusive global study about the art of wine, to luxurious in-hotel events at Sofitel worldwide addresses, Sofitel Wine Days 2015 is a happening that is not to be missed!


Exclusively for Sofitel Wine Days, Sofitel has commissioned a study with the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) about the art of wine. The study takes place in two parts: Wine Perception in 2015, and a Wine Consumption in 2016. With a study sample from seven countries (Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, Russia, and the United States), the study’s compelling findings uncover how we think about and consume wine today.


An exclusive partnership with 2004 Worldwide Best Sommelier Enrico Bernardo adds a brand new, expert touch to Sofitel Wine Days 2015. Bernardo will act as the ambassador and spokesperson. Bernardo has also contributed an editorial to the brand’s Sofitel Wine Days booklet, which includes infographics outlining the most compelling findings from the 2015 wine study. The booklet will be available for guests to read in Sofitel hotels around the world, and they will also be able to benefit from the series of helpful tips and comments that Bernardo has contributed for wine lovers. He is also working closely with Sofitel staff from around the world to make each hotel’s Sofitel Wine Days events illuminating and memorable!

“Sofitel is honored to share the exciting new Sofitel Wine Days program with the world, and to work with such a prestigious figure as Enrico Bernardo,” said Fabrice Blondeau, Vice President, Global Food & Beverage for Luxury & Upscale Brands at Accor Hotels. “Wine plays a defining role in French culture and savoir-faire – concepts that are at the very heart of Sofitel’s art-de-vivre. We look forward to bringing the elegance and excitement of this tradition to life in 2015!”

“When I first started in this business 20 years ago, many countries did not have the habit of drinking wine. Today it is thrilling to see how wine is so appreciated by people around the world,” said Enrico Bernardo. The Sofitel Wine Days study found that wine is the leading alcoholic drink (apart from beer) consumed worldwide. 76% of all interviewees consume wine (including 89% of Chinese respondents). “These findings confirm that wine holds a real place not only in countries that we traditionally associate with it such as France or Italy, or in ‘new world’ wine regions such as Australia or the US, but also among cultures that have more recently discovered the pleasures of wine, such as China and India,” continued Bernardo.

An Enrico Bernardo tip for Sofitel Wine Days: discover fine wines outside of France, such as Malbec from Argentina, Chenin Blanc from South Africa, Riesling from Germany, Tokay from Hungary, or Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from New Zealand.

· “As the wide world of wine expands, France has maintained a leadership position and remains a powerful reference in our minds – and on our palates – for fine, quality wine. In the years to come I believe that France will keep this position and continue to provide ever-higher quality wines that consumers will enjoy around the world, thanks to events such as Sofitel Wine Days,” continued Bernardo. Indeed, the Sofitel Wine Days study found that France is the first country that comes to mind when someone mentions fine wines. Furthermore, it found that French wine is synonymous with taste 53% of French people think that ‘gastronomy’ is the word most associated with French wine.

An Enrico Bernardo tip for Sofitel Wine Days: enjoy a fine wine with cheese. For example, Brillat-Savarin with Champagne, Brie de Meaux with Beaujolais, Comté with Côte de Provence rosé, or even Camembert with cider.

Sofitel Wine Days will be animated on Sofitel Facebook page and other social media platforms #SofitelWineDays.

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