Monday 27 July 2015

One to Note: 2014 Fifth Leg Chardonnay

A SUMMER time's white from
Western Australia to
savour year-round
ONE TO NOTE: A 2014 Chardonnay from Fifth Leg in Western Australia's Margaret River is one of those whites that many consider is best enjoyed when served nicely chilled during Summer time's heat, but in reality is one to savour all year round.

With a lovely crisp palate of crunchy apples that lead to tasty stone-fruit flavours, it has a marvellous lime juice finish and really does reward with being served well chilled. And while a great drop to simply enjoy on its own anytime, it makes an excellent companion with fried whitebait.

The quirky-named Fifth Leg, by the way, got its name from the discovery of a fossilised skeleton of a Tasmanian Devil in a cave in Margaret River a near-half century ago – and with a fifth leg laying nearby.

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