Monday 2 November 2015

Tim Adams’ 2015 Mr Mick Novo Sangiovese - Clare Valley

David Ellis

AUSTRALIANS are taking more
and more to lighter, savoury reds
with a bit of fridge chill, this one's ideal chilled
with pizza loaded with tomatoes,
cheese, herbs and pepperoni.

WITH Australians in recent years taking more and more to lighter and more savoury red wine styles in our warmer months, we're also doing something that was almost unthinkable even just a few years back – we're actually putting these reds in the fridge to give them a bit of a chill on serving.

And we're realising just how enjoyable they can be, with one maker who is openly advocating the concept of refrigerating lighter reds being the Clare Valley's Tim Adams, who has just released a 2015 Novo (New) Sangiovese under his Mr Mick label, a wine he says is "a quality alternative to Rosé" and nicely priced at $17.

Sangiovese is the most-planted red variety in its homeland Italy, and is the backbone of that country's famous Chianti that traditionally contains anywhere between 75% and 100% Sangiovese, with quite a wide range of other varieties making up the rest.

Tim Adams' 2015 Mr Mick Novo Sangiovese is a wonderfully easy-going wine that's all about flavours of red berries – cherries, strawberries and raspberries – mellow tannins and with a nice clean and dry finish. And yes, do pop it in the fridge in our coming warmer months to give it a nice bit of chill… with its acidity, herbaceousness and savoury notes, it's a natural to enjoy with – what else? – a pizza with loads of tomato, cheese and herbs, and if you're a carnivore, plenty of pepperoni.

for week beginning 02 November 2015

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