Friday 8 July 2016

Lonely Planet Wine Trails

ONE TO NOTE:  IF you're heading overseas, or just staying closer to home on that next holiday, and some winery visits along the way are on the agenda, a must to get hold of before you go is a book from Lonely Planet called Wine Trails.

For here is a meticulously researched introduction to not only something like 330 wineries in 52 regions of twenty countries, but tips on where to stay around those wineries, where to eat, maps to help get around… and of course the specialities in local wines. And it covers not just major established wine countries and regions, but newly-emerging one too like Lebanon and Georgia, with suggested local wines to try.

Designed for social quaffers and free of confusing mumbo-jumbo wine-talk, this is a must-buy at $35 to ensure getting the most out of winery visits on that next big trip.

[] HERE'S a helping hand to get the most out of winery visits on that next overseas or Australian holiday.

4 Apr 16

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