Thursday 27 October 2016

Blossom Hill’s 2015 Rosé

ONE TO NOTE:  ROSÉ is a wine we more-usually think of for enjoyment in our warmer months, one to put on the table under a summer's sun and share with family and friends over seafoods and salads, or maybe pork sausages off the barbie…

But rosé is equally for enjoying in our colder months as well, and both with main courses and desserts – for mains it's hard to beat a good one with Thai chicken in a coconut curry sauce, and for desserts to share with warm winter fruit tarts and pies.

One that's ideal for such occasions is Blossom Hill's 2015 Rosé that absolutely bursts with juicy fruit flavours – think lush and vibrant fresh-picked strawberries, cherries and watermelon – and which makes it perfect with those wintertime main and dessert suggestions. And the more so with its price tag of just $13.

[] ROSÉ equally enjoyable with wintertime mains like Thai chicken in a coconut curry sauce, or desserts of warm fruit tarts and pies.


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