Thursday 27 October 2016

St Huberts Wines 2016 The Stag Chardonnay - Yarra Valley

David Ellis

ACCORDING to company history, St Huberts Wines that was one of the first wineries in the Yarra Valley in 1862, was named after the Patron Saint of the Hunt, a 7th century English nobleman who turned a life of pleasures to one of helping the needy after confronting a magnificent stag between whose antlers hung a hauntingly shiny Cross…

And, the company adds, while the winery's founder was a Mr de Castella whose first name also just happened to be Hubert, he chose to name his winery after the Patron Saint and not simply Hubert after himself. By the late 1800s it had grown to be the largest winery in the Yarra Valley, but after WWI and then the Great Depression it was turned to more-profitable dairying, which continued until the Yarra rose to wine prominence once more in the 1960s, with St Huberts again a pioneer.

Today this premium cool-climate maker is hailed world-wide, and a new label it's just released and appropriately named The Stag, is fast winning praise from all quarters. Try in particular the 2016 The Stag Chardonnay that's all wonderfully vibrant citrus and pear flavours, lively acidity and with a mouth-pleasing freshness… at just $20 it's a really great drop to simply enjoy on its own, or to pair-up with salmon fish cakes.

[] NEW label from a Yarra Valley winery whose history goes back to 1862.


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