Monday 17 October 2016

Cape Jaffa Samphire Chardonnay blend - South Australia Limestone Coast

CERTAINLY different and interesting,
it's a white that was made as if it was a red.


David Ellis

IF you've a sense for adventure in your pursuit of wine drinking enjoyment, a particularly intriguing drop to search out was released just recently under a Samphire label by Cape Jaffa Winery on South Australia's Limestone Coast.

Interesting because while predominantly Chardonnay with a little Gewurztraminer and Viognier, this one was made more like it was a red than a white, including not only unusually fermenting the fruit on skins, but doing so for six months… something that its makers Derek and Anna Hooper say "called for courage and patience."

The Hooper's were inspired to create this unique wine after seeing such drops on a visit to Georgia in Europe, and took a largely traditional Eastern European approach to its making on their return home. That effort has rewarded them well, as this is a lovely medium to full bodied wine with lots of mouth-feel and a relatively soft finish.

And with its suggestions of tropical fruit flavours it's also a white you can match up with foods normally paired with reds, Derek and Anna suggesting maybe duck that's not too spicy, a chicken liver parfait, or a rich stock-based lobster bisque. Pay $29, and if you've any problems locating it check out


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